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post doc job opportunity on ribosome biochemistry!

It's been sooooo long since I blogged, I'm actually ashamed to come back and post anything now! There is probably some proper term for that like "bloggers' guilt." Aha, yes, a quick google suggests this is a real term!

Anyway, with one thing and another, life has been busy. And while I'd love to say I'm here to write about some exciting topic that's caught my interest (and there are many!), I'm actually back on Blogger to advertise a job opportunity to work with Vasili and I. This one:

Project description:
The focus of the project is biochemical analysis of Bacillus subtilis ribosome-associated stress factors. The project addresses questions generated through bioinformatic analysis of ribosomal factors, and will comprise of a biochemical research programme backed up by a complementary set of microbiological and structural investigations. The position is co-financed by funds from Ragnar Söderberg and Carl Tryggers foundations.
Our laboratory uses a combination of experimental (in vitro biochemistry in a reconstituted translational system, NGS-based techniques for in vivo biochemistry, as well as microbiological techniques) and in silico (molecular evolution) approaches. We are currently supported by the Swedish Research Council, Ragnar Söderberg foundation, Kempe foundation, Carl Tryggers foundation, as well as Umeå University funds.
For further information please contact Dr. Vasili Hauryliuk, or Dr. Gemma C. Atkinson, See also our web page:
A successful candidate should meet the following criteria:
- Documented proficiency in biochemical assays
- Strong skills in experimental design and interpretation
- A high level of proficiency in written and spoken English, as well as scientific writing
- A strong publication record in international, peer reviewed journals
- An ability to work effectively independently and as a group
- A willingness to learn new techniques
Highly desired:
- Experience in ribosomal biochemistry / RNA biochemistry
- Experience in bacterial genetics, particularly Bacillus subtilis
Applications should be written in English, comprise of a cover letter, CV with a publication list and contact information of at least two referees. Documents should be in MS Word or PDF format and submitted electronically to Dr. Vasili Hauryliuk,, or Dr. Gemma Atkinson, The position is available starting spring 2015 (negotiable). 
Please share with anyone who might be interested!